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Personal Code and Liaison

Prototype, 2013

"Personal Code" is inspired by the graphic and industrial language of a barcode: a set of lines with high contrast and irregular intervals which are actually a code which hides the attributes of the object related to the code. A series of silver circles can be welded to the basic structure of the bracelet; number and frequency of circles can be chosen by the customer who wants to buy the bracelet, almost creating his own "code", making it unique and original, as the person who wears it.

"Liaison" has a simpler and emotional structure: it also has the typical dimensions of the “slave bracelet”, but it wants to minimize the use of material and weight of the object. It is characterized by three elements with different lengths, made of silver foil, bent and welded together; the central element is plated with gold and wants to represent symbolically the preciousness of the meeting between the two parts in silver, this element metaphorically emphasizes the uniqueness and value of the bond between two people.

These bracelets were presented on the occasion of the exhibition "Italian design meets jewelry" curated by Alba Cappellieri and Marco Romanelli, and housed first in Vicenza and then in Milan, being part of a collection of Italian designed jewelry.

images by Andrea Basile

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