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Marble Stories II

Limited Edition, 2019

On the occasion of Fuorisalone 2019, Italian-Brazilian designers Giorgio Bonaguro, Ronald Sasson and Gustavo Martini decided to continue their common exhibition project, strengthening the link between Brazil and Italy, in which their styles interact to tell different stories around a single precious material that will marble again. But with a big difference: to emphasize the relationship between the two countries the raw material will be totally Brazilian. Michelangelo Marmores do Brasil, an important marble quarry and industry from the region of Paranà will team up with the designers and with Marimar, a strong marble company from Verona. Different kind of tropical stones, chosen from Michelangelo's materials, with their original and particular textures, will be transformed into sculptural products thanks to the expert Italian craftsmen from Marimar.

Working around the theme of movement, with the intention of making dynamic and light a material considered as solid and static, Bonaguro has developed Equilibrium, a collection/installation of luminous sculptures made in marble.

Inspired on the one hand by the minimalist sculpture of artists such as John Mccracken, Carl Andre or Dan Flavin, and on the other hand to the curved and enveloping forms of Brazilian architecture, the three sculptures represent different instants of the same movement, the still life of an unstable balance where every static moment becomes dynamic.

images by Luca Morandini

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