Project Brazil

This project is the first collaboration between three Milan based design studios, Analogia Project (Andrea Mancuso and Emilia Serra), Giorgio Bonaguro and Marco Guazzini. These studios, usually working independently, created together an artdesign project to be presented during the design fair Design Weekend SP 2014, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Curated by Waldick Jatobà, the project consisted in a site-specific installation and a workshop, with the participation of the public. It was presented in two different places: Casa Electrolux, the first brand’s world flagship store, and MADE Pop-up, a design event created by curators Waldick Jatobà and Katia d'Avillez.

Gatos, which is meaning literally cats in portuguese, is Rio’s term for to define the unofficial, and often illegal, electrical connections made in order to get electrical power from legal official electricity sources in favelas and other urban areas. Many people living in favelas pirate electricity by tapping their wires, their gatos, into nearby street lamps.
Gatos, considered as a symbol if understood as emblematic of the relationship between the formal urban regulations and the informal spontaneous living context, would represents the point of transition from a controlled and regulated predictable network to an “invisible” and undocumented complex.

Visually driven by the fascinating chaos created by gatos in Brazil biggest cities, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, how they cross the streets and create a different map of space, we have analysed this element in different ways. Following an experimental methodology, we have physically dissected it and have discovered its inner core: the copper. Its beauty inspired us to use it as row material.
The aim of this project is to reflect on the hidden nature of everyday elements like the electrical wires that could take the shape of inextricable mess.
The project is composed by various elements and actions: we have created a big installation, made of electrical wires and the copper taken from inside them, that will fill the centre of the room. People will move around this copper presence, reflect on the role and meaning of Gatos.
At the same time public will also be invited to take some copper from the main installation to create their own artworks. Therefore the copper cloud will gradually dissolve and simultaneously objects made by people will appear in the exhibition.
Shining copper Chandeliers hanging from the ceiling will remind us both the importance and the fascination of this common object.

At Casa Electrolux, in particular, we have decided to create a huge “copper waterfall” from which people could cut same hairy copper. They would use this as a raw material to create tableware (like plates, glasses, bottles, ecc ) by using plaster moulds as a reference. The final aim is that people will prepare a dining table to symbolically eat together.
This concept was inspired by the nature of Electrolux, one of the most important company in the world constantly focused on helping people improving their everyday experience with food and enjoying meals.

Project by:
Analogia Project
Giorgio Bonaguro
Marco Guazzini

Curated by Waldick Jatobà

Graphic design by Andrea Basile and Alessio Matteucci

Images by Sergio Pankov Junior and Beto Rignik

Materials issued by Procobre - International Copper Association Latin America
PROCOBRE is a network of Latin American institutions whose mission is to promote the use of copper, boosting research and development of new applications and spreading their contribution to improving the quality of life and progress of society. Procobre is part the International copper Association (ICA), an organization headquartered in New York in charge of the promotion of copper worldwide.