Vitruvio speaker

The speaker “Vitruvio” is a project characterized by simple, geometrical forms: in a cube-shaped structure is “suspended” a sphere, which is connected to the external structure through rubber wires along the diagonal. The sphere represents the speaker with two channels (high and low sound) which, when connected to any device (stereo, ipod, iphone, etc..) can transmit the sound and the ball can move, due to the soundwaves, giving to the eye the impression of the “movement” of sound.
The name “Vitruvio” comes from the shape, which reminds the basics in geometry and proportions like the Vitruvian man drawing. The external structure can be made of solid wood or metal, and the ball can be made of metal or ceramic.
The Vitruvio speaker will be presented at Launch Pad at Wanted Design NYC.

Design: Juan Soriano Blanco and Giorgio Bonaguro

Maximum Size: 40cm X 40 cm X 40 cm

Images by Andrea Basile