The New Rinascimento during Fuorisalone 2014

"Design the Italian excellence" is the site‐specific project curated by Vincenzo Basile of Basile Arteco for Baglioni Hotels, at the brand new Caffè Baglioni in the Carlton Hotel Baglioni.
Twelve glass cases become the stage for temporary exhibitions of unique objects characterised by research projects, experimentation and rare realisations of design.
The new Rinascimento, un nuovo Rinascimento: the exhibition is an upgraded edition specifically organized for the occasion of Milan's Design Week (7‐13 April 2014) and hosts a selection of designers representing the contemporary “fare italiano”, a mix of innovation and tradition comprising different generations and new fields of art: Design, but contemporary art and graphics as well.
As is often the case, art becomes bearer of a vision that anticipates the changes in society and suggests a possible direction. New generations of designers, artists, entrepreneurs and researchers work in continuity whilst also drawing on what was developed by the Masters, with a new approach and a new idea of research. Italy is not at a standstill, it is a thriving country, eager to start a change in society, and in people's life.
Two Masters of the 20th Century, great Achille Castiglioni and Enzo Mari shared the cases with contemporary masters and with the new generations of designers.
Alberto Meda exhibits “Lightness” ‐ a project in 3D evoking gentleness and ethics – and “Solar bottle”, an object that makes you think of design as a means to improve the quality of life. It has been exhibited at New York's MOMA in the exhibition “Design and the elastic mind” since 2008 it has been part of the permanent collection of the Museum.
Works by Paolo Ulian, Marta Laudani & Marco Romanelli, Giulio Iacchetti are presented alongside other names of the new generation of designers, such as the artists of the “Collettivo”, a team of young creators who work at “Breaking the Mould” the fascinating project realised in mouth‐blown glass in the Murano furnace of Salviati, and Giorgio Bonaguro. This is a fascinating four‐hand project designed by Brazilian Zanini de Zanine in which they use the internet and the craftsmanship of their countries – Italy and Brazil – in order to build a bridge between two different cultures.
Design, Graphics and Art, act as a welcome to International collaborations from foreign designers, bringing with them projects from different cultures.
Different styles and approaches to common themes and feelings.
A thin but visible Fil Rouge linking our history and our future.
Perhaps, a new Renaissance.

8-13 April 2014

Via Senato, 5 – Milan