Around the frame exhibition at Ventura-Lambrate 2014

curator: Marco Romanelli

Set in the historic workshop of the framer Guarnieri, in via Conte Rosso in Lambrate, the exhibition “Around the frame” gathers a group of designers, coming from all over the world and from different generations, who are asked to reflect on the concept of frame.
Framing a painting, a photograph, a sacred image, a mirror, is always a complicated and highly symbolic process. Over the centuries, frames have evolved from primitive ones, made of leaves and flowers, to sophisticated, carved embellished and golden ones, to minimalist metal ones.
What can be done today to frame an image or a mirror? How can the conceptual and methodological limitation of the lath, which needs to be cut and assembled, be overcome?
Around the frame” engages the matter in a personal but also methodical way, it compares the work of fifteen designers on the same theme and in this way shows how it can extend fruitfully to entirely different field, stepping away from the usual illimitable amount of chairs, sofas and tables which invades Milan every year at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile.
Game rules: each participant designed a frame (to hang to a wall, to place on a table or free standing). Any material could be used. The frame had to be either for a mirror or for a photograph (Andrea Basile, “Caterina, 2013”), which could have been enlarged or made smaller, cropped or multiplied. 

Around the Frame (Intorno alla Cornice)

Milan Design Week 2014 – Ventura-Lambrate district
8 - 13 April 2014

Antica Bottega Guarnieri
Via Conte Rosso 18, Milano

The frame “Analogica” reminds us of the aesthetics and features of the app Instagram, and it uses the filters which allow to modify each photograph. It doesn’t do it in a digital way, but in an analogue one.
Putting in front of the original frame, shaped in a square, transparent colored screens, interchangeable, you will physically recreate some effects to emphasize, color and distort the picture and its particulars.

Table frame in solid wood with protection glass and inserted filters
(size 25x25h cm, depth 4 cm)